Fly Fishing Film: Urban Lines – Fish Where You Are Takes on Fly Fishing Potomac River in Washington, D.C. (The Venturing Angler)

Urban Lines: Fish Where You Are (Trailer) from TwoFisted Heart Productions on Vimeo.

From The Venturing Angler:

Born and raised on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., I am frequently asked how in the world I made my way to fly fishing. As if I should be unfamiliar with the outdoors and should instead be involved only in government in some way, people act as if fly fishing and D.C. are completely incompatible.

The reality is that D.C. is nearly surrounded by major rivers (including the Potomac River) that feed the world-renowned Chesapeake Bay. In addition, within 2.5 hours in different directions of D.C. are incredible striped bass fisheries, trophy musky, wild trout, massive mountain smallmouth bass, and, of course, the Atlantic Ocean. Perhaps regarded as merely a major metropolis (not having any congressional representation, by the way), the District doesn’t get any respect in the fly fishing world. It should.

Thus, I am pleased to see the trailer for Urban Lines, the new film from TwoFisted Heart Productions and Freestone Entertainment.

From the filmmakers:

“TwoFisted Heart Productions partnered with Freestone Entertainment to create a film on the tidal Potomac River that counters common stigmas and stereotypes of fly fishing. Four fly fishermen in Washington, D.C. demonstrate that fly fishing is more than an individual pursuit of the catch, more than once-a-year or once-in-a-lifetime trips out West or to exotic locations abroad. In an unlikely setting of concrete vistas, population density and traffic nightmares, the Potomac River proves that adventure and epic fishing are available to everyone on a daily basis. D.C. fly fishermen have embraced that concept through an online community that provides a 21st century, Web 2.0 take on passionately protecting our water resources for the future and connecting with the people around us. It’s about thinking globally and fishing locally. Otherwise, it’s just another sport.”

To check out more about Urban Lines, please click here.

-Tim Harden, both D.C. Native and Fly Fisherman

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