Fly Fishing Book Recommendation: Do It Yourself Bonefishing from Rod Hamilton (The Venturing Angler)

Do It Yourself Bonefishing

From The Venturing Angler:

Let’s face it: While not all fly fishing books are the same, most of them actually are!

An exception to this rule comes in Rod Hamilton’s new book, Do It Yourself Bonefishing from the Derry-Dale Press.

Do It Yourself Bonefish is a true guide for anglers looking to explore the flats on their own. Hamilton breaks down all necessary information, from understanding tides and how they impact bonefish behavior, to what type of documentation and currency to carry.

Perhaps even more appealing about the book is Hamilton’s rundown of all of the locations a DIY angler might go. From Grand Bahama to the Southern Yucatan, Hamilton offers maps and extraordinary detail about each bonefish nook and cranny along the flats pictured. With this book, the days of, “Let’s see if bonefish live around here” are over, and anglers now have access to a thorough guide that removes much of the mystery. This book is an outstanding resource for bonefish fly anglers!

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– Tim Harden

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