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Planning a fly fishing trip is an enjoyable event in itself … and unfortunately those plans are often forced to change.

The plan was to be in Ascension Bay on April 6th, getting ready to chase permit for the week and enjoy the happenings at the Palometa Club Permit Tourney. But when my inevitable hip replacement surgery could no longer be postponed to accommodate a number of fly fishing trips, the Mexican Caribbean fantasy was converted to an airline voucher for future travel. Bummer.

Tragedy (an overstatement, of course) demands different coping mechanisms, and in my case, trout trips are emerging as a possible way to fill the void. It looks like recovery time could allow some surf fly fishing in June … maybe. But it looks like ICAST/IFTD is definitely in the cards, and I hope to add to that trip with a little ‘Glades, Keys, and offshore action for tarpon and sharks (and certainly other critters). When I get back to California, I’ll go after makos in San Diego, but then it might be time to take on some big trout trips. In California, I might hit Clearwater Lodge at the Pit River and some high mountain Sierra waters (drought permitting) before possible taking a big Rockies road trip. A draft itinerary sends me to the Provo River in Utah before spending a few days on some of my favorite rivers in Colorado. Then I’ll head north and spend a few days fishing in Wyoming then Montana then Idaho. Laying in bed at 3AM with my legs strapped to a wedge to keep my titanium hip in place, I already feel the good vibes that come with planning.

I also added some companions. For the smaller rivers and high mountain lakes, I snagged a Winston Boron III LS 4 weight rod, and to serve my (unapologetic) fanatical nymphing, I am excited to have added a 9’6″ 5 weight Winston Boron III X to the quiver. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a Winston. When my old Jeep was stolen with an LT and a B2X in it years ago, it created a void that I think is now filled.

I love planning fly fishing trips …

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