So much for that idea. About two weeks ago I resolved to challenge myself and explore new (closer) “frontiers” in fly fishing. Aside from Oregon in February and Florida in July, the plan was to keep it (relatively) local in 2016 and take on the outstanding angling opportunities in California. And already, this plan is out-the-window, and I am prepping for a trip to some true frontiers in Nicaragua. Seriously. (This isn’t even close to keeping it local, and I caved fast.)

It’ll be a quick trip to pursue some Pacific salty critters but also see what’s out there. Sailfish, dorado, tuna, roosters and more … I know they’re there. But the goal is to see what long-term angling opportunities are there for hopefully (many) return trips — We’ll see what happens. But, the excitement of taking on a relatively unexplored Central American country to see what possibilities are out there has me stoked beyond belief. This is what fly fishing does. It consumes you. It changes your plans and keeps you up all night with enthusiasm.

Let the tying begin!

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