Favorite Instagram Accounts (Part One)


Daniel Göz @danielunderwater

Daniel Göz is an impressive underwater photographer and also a fly fisherman. With that, Daniel’s account is full of great photos of subject to me as an angler, from yellowfin tuna to trout.


Bryan Gregson @bryangregsonphotography

Bryan is a good friend. But before ever connecting with Bryan, I was a fan of his work, which as graced the covers and pages of many fly fishing magazines and catalogs. He has had the privilege of traveling the world, and his diverse portfolio highlights a wide range of experiences. He is one of the best out there.


Matt Jones @matt.jones.photography

Matt has also traveled the globe with a camera in hand and has great photos everywhere from Kamchatka to Ascension Bay. Matt has excellent drone and underwater photos and is also a master at capturing the lifestyle.


National Geographic Creative @natgeocreative

A collective account of National Geographic photographers. Exceptional photography of animals, ecosystems, and more.


Jako Lucas @captjackproductions

Jako is a true fly fishing adventurer. This man is constantly traveling with a camera in hand and his enthusiasm for fly fishing is unparalleled. His account represents this well.


Keith Rose Innes @keithroseinnes

Keith is a frontiersman of Seychelles. He is one of the first people to truly explore these flats and consistently puts forward some of the best photos from Seychelles out there.


C1 Films @c1films

C1 Films is the work of Frankie Marion. Frankie has been taking on a number of saltwater adventures for the Xplor Project, and in between epic trips, Frankie captures superior images from the flats.


Ikelite @ikelite

A manufacturer of underwater housings for cameras, Ikelite has a number of world class photographers that feed this account. One of the best out there for underwater shots.


Taylor Freesolo Rees @taylorfreesolo

A climber (with the perfect middle name) and photographer, Taylor Freesolo Rees travels the world capturing where the outdoors takes her and the cultures she encounters. He feed tells a story … and it’s remarkable.


Reid Ogden @ogden_imagery

From trout to redfish, Reid is especially skilled at catching the photo of the fish with less emphasis on the angler. If you love fish …


David Royo @davidpikefly

Not sure how this guy catches so many enormous fish and also gets great photos. Seriously.


Josh Hutchins @aussieflyfisher

Golden dorado, trout, giant trevally and more. Josh Hutchins seems to get all over the world, and his photos are very good. He also cuts out the ego.


NRS @nrsweb

If you love rivers, NRS frequently posts incredible rafting photos in rivers throughout the world. A new raft owner, it’s easy for me to get stoked with this account.


Kimi Werner @kimi_swimmy

Kimi Werner is a diver in Hawaii who seems to truly live the life. She dives and spearfishes for dinner and gets stunning underwater footage along the way. She famously held the dorsal fin of a white shark a few years ago and went for a ride with it.


AquaTech @aquatech_imagingsolutions

AquaTech is also a manufacturer of underwater housings and has an account with breathtaking underwater photography. Occasionally fly fishing is in the mix. Otherwise, surfing, diving, and other great activities that take folks below the surface are featured.

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