What was that?! A long strange trip.


2016 was whack. It started with a resolution to only fish California and have a calmer year. For many reasons, it was not at all calm. In fact, it was a terrible year for reasons I won’t go into. However, one blessing was that my resolution to not travel failed nearly immediately, and I ended up having a remarkable year of fly fishing. In January, I took an exploratory trip (of sorts) to Nicaragua, and by the end of the year, I also fished throughout California and traveled to Oregon, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Alaska, and Hawaii. In a year of grieving and a bit of hell, fly fishing gave me more than I could imagine.

While I try to treasure every day and not take life for granted, I admittedly couldn’t wait until New Year’s Day and the end of 2016. And now that 2017 has arrived, I’m pretty psyched about what’s ahead. Fly fishing the surf and winter steelheading kicks things off before permit pursuits in Ascension Bay, Mexico in February with an incredible squad of other anglers is the first big trip of the year. And with the 14-foot NRS raft in the garage, there’s going to be a great year of float trips. As always, Florida bluewater, beach snook, and Everglades tarpon will give me some summer stoke, and I’m now absolutely committed to swinging for steelhead. (I gave in to this addiction.) What else? Who knows. But I have a feeling a few more adventures will be thrown into the mix. 2017: Bring it.

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