Global Rescue — Essential for Destination Fly Fishing


I like to travel to fly fish. Whether it’s a long road trip or exploring a foreign land, I live to pursue my passion in new places.

Just as fly fishing in itself has risks that range from dangerous currents to backcountry injuries to extreme weather, travel also has risks. I was in Central America when the zika virus hit, and I’ve been way off the grid when car problems have come up.

After getting a hip replacement two years ago, I recognized that my risk is even greater now than most. Dislocating my hip on the water or taking on an injury far from home could put me in a grave situation, especially if traveling in a country that has inadequate health care. With that, there was no question that I would join Global Rescue.

At risk of sounding too much like a commercial, it actually is essential that destination anglers join Global Rescue. In fact, if you talk to the folks at any fly fishing travel company from The Fly Shop to Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures, they not only strongly recommend Global Rescue, but they are also all members.

Global Rescue is the ultimate backup plan for adventurers. Say I do dislocate my hip on the side of a mountain in Nicaragua? I would call Global Rescue and they would send a helicopter to get me and take me to the medical care I need. Heading to a country that has political conflict? Global Rescue even has plans that deliver extraction services in the case of a coup or revolution.

There’s no way I could afford these services if paid for when needed. With Global Rescue, you pay a reasonable monthly rate based on your needs.

I am fortunate to know the most well-traveled anglers who go to the ends of the earth to fly fish. They are all members. Additionally, it is Global Rescue that supports Everest climbers with their needs if things go awry. It’s a great service that I don’t leave home without.

To learn more about Global Rescue, please click here.

— Tim Harden

Disclosure: Global Rescue is in a professional relationship with The Venturing Angler. Though potentially benefiting from this relationship, we do not post what we do not believe to be true. To read more, click here.

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