Born and raised in Washington, D.C., I spent much of my youth escaping to nearby waters in Maryland and West Virginia to chase bass. At 18, I moved to Colorado and continued to use vehicles as both base camps and beds while devoting myself to many of the rivers and backcountry lakes in the Colorado Rockies. I worked in several fly shops, did some guiding, and also worked for a fly fishing travel magazine.

I presently live in the San Francisco Bay area and spends a great deal of time with a switch rod exploring the Pacific Coast and San Francisco Bay – an endeavor that reminds me of learning to fly fish for the first time. Fly fishing trips to destinations all over the world are also always getting worked onto the calendar as well. I take on a number of freelance writing projects within the fly fishing world while also owning and operating the Venturing Angler, Fly Fishing Guide Directory, and Coast Fly Media, LLC.

In addition to fly fishing the globe, I seek to serve others and the environment as both an activist and an advocate. I teach courses in ecological justice and am also an ambassador for CalTrout.

To contact me, please email timhardenfly@gmail.com


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