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Petition to Protect California’s Central Coast with the Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary

A new petition is circulating on that seeks to protect much of California’s Central Coast from oil development and drilling. As we know, the Central Coast is a true ecological treasure and also an area that has been hit … Continue reading

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Road Trips

High school. While my friends were getting ready for prom, I was B-lining it to a farm pond in Southern Maryland to get after largemouth bass. There’s a good chance I could guess what music I was listening to that … Continue reading

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Podcast: Fly Fishing Kamchatka with Justin Miller

Justin Miller is one of the world’s greatest experts on fly fishing in Kamchatka. In a new episode of The Venturing Angler Podcast, he and I discuss fly fishing for aggressive trout in Eastern Russia, the Kamchatka Steelhead Project, cherry … Continue reading

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Petition: No Strip Mining at Oregon’s Kalmiopsis Wild Rivers

Trout Unlimited is calling on supporters to sign a petition to protect the Kalmiopsis region of Oregon free from the threat of strip mining. The petition demands a 20-year mineral withdrawal from the region to thereby protect wild salmon, steelhead, … Continue reading

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Game Changer

After many years, a lifelong dream was fulfilled last weekend on the Trinity River in Northern California. As a kid, I took float trips with my uncle Jim in the mountain rivers of West Virginia. We would spend all day … Continue reading

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Favorite Films (Part One)

DamNation DamNation beautifully tells the story of the history of dam building in the United States and the ecological, social, and economic consequences. DamNation offers stunning scenery along with social analysis. And in the end, the film leaves you moved … Continue reading

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Favorite Instagram Accounts (Part One)

Daniel Göz @danielunderwater Daniel Göz is an impressive underwater photographer and also a fly fisherman. With that, Daniel’s account is full of great photos of subject to me as an angler, from yellowfin tuna to trout. Bryan Gregson @bryangregsonphotography Bryan … Continue reading

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Close Loopholes that Allow Shark Fin Trade

The vile practice 0f shark finning only exists because of demand and loose regulation on non-existent laws. In the United States, loose regulation is the result of a loophole found in the Shark Finning Protection Act of 2010. Please add … Continue reading

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Please Support a Petition to Protect the Smith River

The Native Fish Society is urging anglers to take action to potentially help make the North Fork of the Smith River protected with a Wild and Scenic River designation. As we all know, western rivers are frequently challenged by a … Continue reading

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About that resolution …

“What a long strange trip it’s been …” It seems like just yesterday that I was making the claim that my 2016 resolution was going to be to focus my angling on exploring California. California has a great deal to … Continue reading

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